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MyBeautifulEaling / Room237 where did the website go

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  • MyBeautifulEaling / Room237 where did the website go

    Hi there everyone Please accept my apologies if this topic has not been posted in the correct area.
    I was a member on this wonderful website as Room237 a good few years ago now.

    At the current time I am not able to resurrect my old account as I just do not recall the email address that was being used back then.

    I am the owner of MyBeautifulEaling.. which was back then under
    This website is no longer available and has since been closed.

    The content discussed in many topics on Britmovie concerned the locations and other information on Films like The Halfway House and The Dead of Night.
    Many probably thought the website had since gone.

    So, I am here just to write no its not gone it was just the website domain was changed so it should be up and running again soon.
    I will give a link to the website anyway which can now be located here at

    Sorry for any inconvenience If anyone had discovered the website to be missing It was, But Now Its Back
    Thankyou room237
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    Good news. Thanks for letting us know.



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      I also wanted to start my own forum and wanted to name the forums with room