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    Originally posted by Ian Fryer View Post
    I also got this little (quite large, actually) beauty. Price on Amazon £55 - mine for £2.50. Looking forward to reading me some Dan Dare!
    Beware "The Mekon"!


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      Two nice book finds today. Been wanting a copy of the Graham Greene for ages. It's a 1972 first edition, too.
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      • Shirley Brahms
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        Wow, first edition, great find!

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      Originally posted by Ian Fryer View Post

      Flippin heck! I buy a fair amount but nothing like that many - most of my time is spent flicking past Steven Segal movies and other such deck.
      This is from all charity shops in my area not just one!!


      • Ian Fryer
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        Oh yes that's what I thought. I travel around a bit and always have a look in the local charity shops.

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Name:	image_8713.jpg
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ID:	76186 On holiday this week, which has meant a lot of charity shopping and some pretty good British movie swag. Picked up the BluRay of The Blue Lamp and a couple of great movie books.

      These were Picturegoer Film Annual 1957-58 and F Maurice Speed's Film Review 1947. At 99p each these last two were especially good value. The Film Review books are always packed with information and can go for a lot more than I paid. Click image for larger version  Name:	m8V0lbT0NgtiTjw2EC6ie4Q.jpg Views:	0 Size:	10.0 KB ID:	76185
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        Anyone in the Tonbridge area might want to pop into Scope, I've just cleared my garage of a few hundred DVDs. Don't think there is much there that is special but a stack of Brit movies like: The Naked Truth, Private's Progress, and such like. They'll all be available for 50p come tomorrow!


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Name:	20190813_230847.jpg
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ID:	76191 Forgot to mention that I also picked up the old Rank DVD of In Which We Serve. Might already have it, but at 99p it's a donation to charity.


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            Besides finding dvd’s at rock bottom prices, charity shops have other bargains. Last week I purchased two white shirts. Price 5 dollars each. These shirts were originally sold in a very exclusive men’s store. If purchased in that store, they would have been around 100 dollars or more. The store the shirts were sold in, Harry Rosin, exclusive men’s store in Canada.


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              I've never actually seen The Day they Robbed the Bank of England but I found the tie-in paperback today. Fortunately the price sticker is on the back because the damned thing seems to be stuck on with superglue and is guaranteed to take half the cover with it!
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-08-15 16.54.05.jpg
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Name:	2019-08-15 16.53.13.jpg
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ID:	76274 The 1968 Julie Andrews film Star! came up in conversation here on Britmovie recently and today I found a nice vinyl copy of the soundtrack album for £1. I must say I do like the graphics that Fox used for the film's publicity materials,even though they failed to convince many people to actually go see the film. Click image for larger version

Name:	510+S2v8rxL.jpg
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                I've also attached a copy of the poster art for comparison.