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    Hello, I need your help again.

    The Film Club I sort of run has had a baby called "The Short Film Club". In order to fit in with the name, I have decided to show short films ... OK, I have access to superb documentaries and fiction from BAFTA nominees and some BFI docs, but I'm also expanding into TV: I'm going to show Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, possibly Hancock and the Office, not in the hope that the viewers laugh, but in order to discuss their influence etc and why they are important ...

    My cry for help, then, is for suggestions of what makes a good 15 - 40 minute film: does anyone have any suggestions of silent shorts from the 20s (Chaplin's first films were American - nothing British ... although his last two were British, but full-length). Same with Laurel and Hardy. Does anyone know any source for good horror under 30 minutes? How about TV series? Is Inside Number 9 any good? If I'm left to my own devices I'll show recent BAFTAS mixed with The Good Life and Reggie Perrin and basically a stroll through my childhood: while that's no bad thing, there must be masses of short stuff out there (docs, narrative, episodes) that I haven't thought of.

    On a practical level, please point me in the direction of a physical DVD with English subtitles.

    If this is unclear, let me know. Ask away.

    Cheers in advance.

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    How about The Running, Jumping, Standing Still film with The Goons


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      Originally posted by cassidy View Post
      How about The Running, Jumping, Standing Still film with The Goons
      Excellent idea. And a Beatles connection.


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        Inside Number 9 is excellent in my opinion, very dark. Other recent TV comedy shows worth a look, some may be a bit Marmite, Peter Kay's Car Share, After Life, People Just do Nothing, This Country, The Detectorists, Brian Pern Rock Star, This Time with Alan Partridge, anything with Diane Morgan particularly as Philomena Cunk.