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The Boy and The Bridge (1959).

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  • The Boy and The Bridge (1959).

    I've never seen this British film, but I've heard it's excellent. A ten years old London boy (one hit wonder Ian MacLaine), believing his father (Liam Redmond) is a murderer, runs away from home and hides out in a room at the top of one of the towers of Tower Bridge, with only a solitary seagull for company. A great British cast, Arthur Lowe, Geoffrey Keen, James Hayter. Meadows White, ect, beautiful 1950s location filming of London and a score by Malcolm Arnold and yet it's not available anywhere. It should have had a DVD release by now. Commenters on its IMDb page who saw it at the cinema nearly 60 years ago think very highly of it. The original distributor was Columbia. Does anyone know why it's so unobtainable?

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    You can watch it online for £2.50.


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      Thanks for the link, zzfredzz. I didn't know it could be seen on the BFI player. I shall create an account and see if I can actually get to see it after I've paid my £2:50.


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        That it was Hitler doing the exploiting has little relevance to the overriding theme of tragic history humanity remains doomed to repeat: sending naive young men--and, at some times and places, boys to their ends.