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Bubble cars & three wheelers

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    I recall seeing Bubble cars on the streets as a child in the 60's, I was fascinated by them, remember pink and yellow coloured ones.

    One preserved Bubble car on display at Caister Castle Car Museum, Norfolk..........


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      Feeling ill I watched CFF Peril for the Guy yesterday.

      Caspinelli is driving a strange open top three wheeler. It might be a Bond but I haven't tried to identify it yet.


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        Have a look at - it doesn't have every film ever made by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have this one.


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          To my knowledge, bubble cars were never sold in North America. I do recall, some years back, Volkswagen came out with a two seat small car. Very economical on petro. But, very small. I think after about two or 3 years they stopped making them. They were sold in Europe.


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            One of the best known, must be the one Ian Carmichael drove in I'm All Right Jack, running over Terry-Thomas foot.


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              Eric 7885 wrote:
              > To my knowledge, bubble cars were never sold in North America.

              If you watch “American Pickers”, they are often looking for or at bubble cars.



              • Eric7885
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                I never watch American Pickers. Thank you for the information. I will be on the lookout or that program. As for telly service, I only have the basic service. Not that many channels to choose from.

              • Steve Crook
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                “American Pickers” can be found on channels Dave & UK History.
                But if you don't get those then you won't have seen them & know what items are sold in North America