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B/W War film . "The Bridge"?

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  • B/W War film . "The Bridge"?

    B/W War film set in a small German town. Involves the young boys being enlisted to defend the bridge, I think.

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      Thanks a million. That is the one that I am looking for. When I did a search in IMDB for The Bridge it didn't show up. When I did a search for Die Brücke "The Bridge (1959)" appeared.. Thanks again.


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        Glad to be of help, marlowe. Bernhard Wicki, the director, also had a successful career as an actor. Five years earlier, he played Johann Strauss in a film callled 'The Eternal Waltz' (West Germany) and starred with Maria Schell in, coincidentally, 'The Last Bridge' (Austria). Towards the end of his career Mr. Wicki had a part in the American film 'Paris, Texas'.

        Just one of the many interesting foreign actors that are destined to mean little or nothing to people outside Europe. I wish their work was more accessible (mainstream TV I mean, so they can achieve equal popularity, and their languages as easy to understand as our own. Having said that, great news that 'The Bridge' was deemed worthy of a Criterion release - to the smallest percentage possible of film fans.

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      If you search the IMDb for The Bridge they only show the first few matches (and lots of things match The Bridge) but if you click on More Title Matches then you get the full list of all the matches which includes Die Brücke (1959) aka "The Bridge".

      ​​​​​​​ Steve


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        Thanks for the tip.. I was beginning to doubt my memory of the title, hence the request.