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1970s TV short series Coming of Age / Teenage Runaway Couple Drama

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  • 1970s TV short series Coming of Age / Teenage Runaway Couple Drama

    I'm not expecting a result from this enquiry as the details are so vague but we all enjoy a challenge, so here goes!

    It's definitely 1970s, probably a "made for TV" British drama across maybe 3 episodes and the main characters are a young boy/girl teenage couple who have run away to be together. They're sleeping rough as they travel, They're probably 15 or 16 years old. The boy may have looked a bit like Andrew Ashby (of Doombolt Chase fame) but I could be completely wrong after over 40 years!! The girl had a Purdey hairstyle, which supports a >1976 time period and she had an oily complexion and maybe a bit of acne. The only scene I recall is when they spent a night in ? a disused premises and took their first tentative steps in an intimate way in a sleeping bag. I'm sure that the authorities searched high and low for them and eventually caught up with them. As far as I know it was only ever screened once.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Two People [1979] ?
    Two People: With Gerry Cowper, Stephen Garlick, Charlotte Coleman, David Daker. The lives of two teenagers and their relationship and the fallout with their parents.


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      Tyne - what a star you are!! I shouldn't have had such little faith!! This must be it, as it ticks so many boxes and the image in your link brings it all back...even the title now sounds familiar. Thank you so much. All I need now is to watch out to see if it ever gets released on DVD. Either way, you've made my day...been wondering what it was called for years and never got around to posting a question about it until now. I hope I can return the favour some day. Cheers. Sacza.