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I need a name for this love story film please help

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  • I need a name for this love story film please help

    10 years or so I watched a film but dont known the name, so I need U guys for help. Okay, here is what i known: passion lovers, ger separated cuz man fall in seastorm trying to find special fish for her, after many years he returned to her alive with fish I think but she was married and have child already, she begin sex affair with him but hiding him from others in basement or so. I guess end is sad, maybe her hussband killed one or both of them but dont known how or what happened exactly. I also think film is italian or english. I was young when I watched it, but that was so emotional to me I want to watch it again. Any help guys, please

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    You're sure you are not misremembering Captain Corelli's Mandolin?