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TV Suspense/Thriller - Woman stalked in own home? (aired between 1989-1994)

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  • TV Suspense/Thriller - Woman stalked in own home? (aired between 1989-1994)

    Hello, I'm looking to find this thriller, that was on British TV between 1989 and 1994. I was only about 5/6 when this was aired but I remember it like this: A woman is fearful that she is being stalked. She receives silent phone calls and I think a cryptic letter? I think she calls the police etc. and does the obligatory curtain twitching to see if anyone is watching outside. The drama ends with the 'stalker' leaping down from her high ceiling, as he'd been in the house the whole time. Ring any bells to anyone? if you can help in ANY way, please do! I'd love to know what the programme was. Although I watched it between 1989-1994 there's a possibility that it was a rebroadcast from years earlier. This wasn't a film, but a TV drama, and it was in colour.

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    'Calling the Shots', starring Lynn Redgrave?

    I think it might be. Here is an extract from Maureen Paton's review in the Daily Express (16th February 1994):

    [QUOTE]But in the most disturbing sequence of all, Maggie was sent photographs that showed a secret camera must have been hidden in the ceiling of her flat as she played a Dusty Springfield record and soaked in the bath. She was being watched in her most intimate moments ...[/QUOTE]
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      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably buy a bootleg of that as I've just found one for sale online. Sounds very interesting, I'm pretty sure it isn't the right drama, but I'll give it a go. I think it was a one-off programme and not a two-parter like Calling The Shots. I also think the woman being stalked was in her 50s/60s. It's amazing how many dramas are out there, shown once and never again.. the BBC really should have a special station that repeats these long forgotten gems - now that would be worth the license fee!