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NOT THe List of Adrian Messenger, but...

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  • NOT THe List of Adrian Messenger, but...

    I think that this was a pilot film for a TV series that never made it. Set in America, it involved a man who developed psychic visions upon the death of his elderly relative(uncle?). This was a family legacy and the visions prompted the recipient to bring murderers to justice. I recall one scene where the psychic, in denial of his powers, was playing squash when the wall he was playing against crumbled and a rotting corpse fell from it. Late 70's vintage I think. The film ende with him solving the case but inferring that he was only beginning a long spell of such work.

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    Not the Leonard Nimoy starring ITC pilot BAFFLED! is it?


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      It might be The Eyes Of Charles Sand (1972).


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        [QUOTE=zzfredzz;n39651]It might be The Eyes Of Charles Sand (1972).[/QUOTE]
        That's the one. Quite creepy as I recall.