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NOT The List of Adrian Messenger, but...

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  • NOT The List of Adrian Messenger, but...

    I think that this was a pilot film for a TV series that never made it. Set in America, it involved a man who developed psychic visions upon the death of his elderly relative(uncle?). This was a family legacy and the visions prompted the recipient to bring murderers to justice. I recall one scene where the psychic, in denial of his powers, was playing squash when the wall he was playing against crumbled and a rotting corpse fell from it. Late 70's vintage I think. The film ende with him solving the case but inferring that he was only beginning a long spell of such work.

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    Not the Leonard Nimoy starring ITC pilot BAFFLED! is it?


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      It might be The Eyes Of Charles Sand (1972).


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        [QUOTE=zzfredzz;n39651]It might be The Eyes Of Charles Sand (1972).[/QUOTE]
        That's the one. Quite creepy as I recall.


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          Maybe The Norliss Tapes?


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            [QUOTE=Gaumont;n53472]Maybe The Norliss Tapes?[/QUOTE]

            See post #4.


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              Congratulations, zzfredzz. I can think of three other productions that end with a body behind the wall, including the recently-seen Gideon's Way episode 'The Wall' (in which landlord John Barrie murders tenant Richard Carpenter). The other two are films based on Edgar Allan Poe's story 'The Black Cat'. It was adapted for Roger Corman's 'Tales of Terror' and, more loosely, 'Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key', an Italian giallo thriller I watched on YouTube once.

              'The Eyes of Charles Sand' has a great cast: Bradford Dillman (a recent and most tragic loss), Barbara Rush , Sharon Farrell, Adam West (Batman) and Joan Bennett, who I see most days now in YouTube viewings of 'Dark Shadows'. I'd love to see it but £17.99 is far too expensive for a 75 minute TV movie.