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Itv drama/kids show

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  • Itv drama/kids show

    I hope someone can help me remember this tv show! I watched it when i was very young so my memories of it are very vague!

    It was a bit like the borrowers but a captain and his crew sailed a ship (similar to a ship in a bottle) and got lost in a storm. They ended up sailing along a gutter (i think) where they were picked up by children (i think). They were picked up because the children were giants compared to the little people in the ship! It might have been modern day england or victorian day england (i cant remember). I think in the last episode they made it back to the same gutter and managed to return home.

    It was a british kids tv show that was broadcast on a sunday tea time on itv, (or tyne tees up here in sunny old sunderland) in the mid eighties.

    i hope someone can help :)

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    Could it be The Return of the Antelope?



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      That's the one! Thanks for your help Euryale. Just need to find some episodes on youtube that arent dubbed into german :)


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        Try Network or Amazon or the BFI but those bleeps want a bloody fortune for a copy of a film