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Late 60s / early 70s programme, possibly an espionage/spy series

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  • Late 60s / early 70s programme, possibly an espionage/spy series

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm pulling my hair out trying to find the name of a programme I saw on tv around about 1970.
    It involved robots about the size and shape of shoebox but with "cylinder" lawnmower blades
    mounted in front at floor level, like a mouth. They would chase people & crash through the bottoms of doors etc.
    I seem to remember someone standing on a pair of them as they trundled along like roller skates.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance as I distinctly remember seeing this & anytime I ask any of the "Buffs" I know, I'm met with blank stares.

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    If it was SciFi it sounds like [B]Screamers[/B].

    Last edited by ChuckEddie; 22nd October 2017, 10:10 PM.


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      Thanks Chuck, but this was back in the early 70s. If memory serves, it had more of an "Avengers" feel to it .


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        It wouldn’t [I]be[/I] THE AVENGERS would it?

        th episode THINGUMAJIG features a deadly little box - but no teeth or riding on it, mind.