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1940s, I think - any help appreciated!

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  • 1940s, I think - any help appreciated!

    Hello all. My mother, suffering from dementia bless her, has asked me to find an old b & w film for her, 1940s I think. I only have brief snatches of the plot but it is set in London, and involves a man condemned to hang for murder. At the very last moment, an Irish detective or reporter is rooting around in a house and finds a severed finger, which is evidence to clear the condemned man. He hotfoots it in a blaxk taxi to the prison where the hanging is underway, bursts into the gallows and manages to catch the rope as the condemned man launches into eternity. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Would love to find it for Mum.

    Thank you so much. x
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    Actually the film was made in 1991 but set in the 1950s. It's called Under Suspicion and stars Liam Neeson.



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      I thought Euryale would know the answer! It sounds as if it's an entertaining movie - I'm surprised I've not see it.


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        You can get the full film on You Tube.


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          Thanks - I'll give it a go.