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I've been trying to remember the title of this movie for years

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  • I've been trying to remember the title of this movie for years

    my name is Francesco, I live in Rome and I'm a movie enthusiast.
    I am writing here for help from you, if possible:
    Years ago I saw on Italian TV a beautiful one UK film about youth discomfort which strikes me remarkably;
    it was the story of a young guy just teenager living in an environment impregnated with social discomfort and that
    he also had characters on the margins of society.
    The father of this guy, it seems to me, was in jail.
    Towards the end of the film there is a scene of strong emotional impact, in which the boy is inside
    of a pub with people who want it punish hard for something which he has done or for simple dislike,
    when suddenly his father comes in, who had come out of jail in the meantime.
    The father, a slim and skinny man, pushes his son out of the pub and then alone massacred and puts KO
    literally the 4 or 5 delinquents, who wanted to beat the son.
    This, unfortunately, is just that I still remember.
    I do not remember the director's name and the actors.
    For a long time, I try to remember the title of the film, but despite numerous
    research done by me also on the net on the plots of films from Great Britain
    of the years between 1970 and 2000, I am not never ripped to find it.
    Do you can help me, please, with your experience, to find the title of this beautiful movie?
    A felt Thank you in advance,
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    Possibly Wild Bill but this is from 2011


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      Hallo, DocRobertPepper, the movie I'm looking for cannot be Wild Bill, becouse I saw it on Italian TV before this date.
      However, thank you very much for your answer.


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        [FONT=arial][SIZE=16px]If you could recall any of the actors' names it might be more easily traceable.[/SIZE][/FONT]


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          Hi Alan Gowdy, you're right, but unfortunately years ago,
          when I saw this movie,I remember only that there were
          no actors known internationally, or at least I did not recognize them.
          The movie liked me a lot, but like many others.
          As time went on, however, I kept coming back to mind and growing the desire to see it again.
          There was something in that movie that touched something of my soul, but, unfortunately,
          I could never remember the title, but only a few scenes, while the desire to see it has grown steadily,
          along with my frustration not to mention enough to find him.
          Anyway thanks a lot for your suggestion.


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            Hi, DocRobertPepper, In my life I have always learned
            to relate reliably to my feelings and, if possible,
            to always try to see if what I think is true
            and adhering to reality.
            Having said this, I 've seen today the Wild Bill movie,
            which you suggested to me as it could be what
            I was looking for and really this movie was a lot
            like the movie I remembered, at least for its film script.
            At this point, there are two things to say:
            either my memory has gone completely
            and I've seen it after 2011, or it's a reworking
            of the movie I remember seeing before 2011.
            Even the actors, both father and child, I remember different,
            as they in Wild Bill seems to be less harsh and less angry
            than I remembered.
            At last: a BIG THANX to DocRobertPepper
            for its great and proven expertise, in spite of the few details
            I give him and then another question for all the others
            who would want to read this post:
            someone knows if Wild Bill is a rework of an older movie,
            released a few years before with other actors?
            Thanks again DocRobertPepper!
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