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  • Looking for a film title

    Hello - I’m trying to find the title of a film from around 1989-1992.
    It’s about two women who have been frenemies for decades. They unknowingly share a therapist.
    one stole her Husband from the other. He’s now cheating on her. He’s a photographer who specialises in body parts, particularly butts. During the course of the film she loses her job over a fight with someone to get a black cab.
    the other woman is unattractive and there’s actually a joke about how she looks like her Jewish fascist Uncle. She’s dating a man who gets turned on by reading Iris Murdoch aloud in bed.
    I cant remember any actor names. But I’d greatly appreciate help finding the title.

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    'Antonia And Jane' - starring Imelda Staunton and Saskia Reeves.
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      Thank you so much .. I’d begun to think I’d imagined it