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  • Help me find name of movie

    Years ago, I watched a British movie on Canadian tv. The story line was about a middle aged married woman who's husband was having an affair. He kicks her out of the home and she goes to live with her East Indian maid. The maid has her parents, children and husband living with her. It is a comedy/drama. The two women start a samosa take out --- I remember they put a sign above the store and think it had the word Friend in it - that part could be wrong -- I loved the movie and sure would like to view it again. Hope it rings a bell with some one. Thanks.

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    West is West (2010) ?



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      nope, saw that movie last week , not it - thanks for trying - please keep searching :) FOUND IT!! It is called Firm Friends,
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    Looks like it was a television show called Firm Friends which ran for two series 1992-1994 starring Billie Whitelaw and Madhur Jaffrey.

    With Billie Whitelaw, Madhur Jaffrey, Zohra Segal, Michelle Holmes. A middle-class white housewife and her Indian cleaning lady set up a catering business together.


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      Thank you Euryale --yes that is the series I have been looking for --- now the fun begins to see where I can watch it ------ guess google is the best option. Thank you again. Hate it when I can't remember names of tv shows or movies :)