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  • WW2 RAF Film

    I am trying to remember a WWII film set on an RAF airbase.

    The main female character loses her husband – he has left behind his lucky mascot which may, or may not have been a lighter. She then falls in love again and gives the 'lucky' lighter to her new love. At the end of the film he too is killed and he too has forgotten the lighter.
    Thanks, Mandy

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    Hi Mandy

    The Way To The Stars (1945) - also known as - Johnny In The Clouds

    Michael Redgrave and John Mills

    Not sure why the Bold text is not working :)
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      The little formatting commands like Bold and Italic work perfectly in some of the sub-forums here, but not in others. It is a quirk that has yet to be ironed out. It was noted when the transfer was made to the new host server, but we were all just so grateful to WearySloth for providing a home, that no-one pressed him further on sorting out this oddity.


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        Thank you very much. Mandy


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          Pleasure Mandy - I forgot to say it is one of my favourite films - especially the first half,we do not often see Douglas Bostons on film :)

          The airfield used for the filming was at (then) RAF Catterick,N Yorks - now an Army camp.

          rgds baz