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    I'm looking for a movie from 60s or 70s about World War 2 - Black-and-white films ? - 2 prisoners of war are brought to the German officer's house for defuse a bomb has fallen on the house they work hard with success but at the end, They blow up the bombs with German officers

    next movie - 70s or 80s - about cold war and spy from West Germany . 20 years after war, A security officer is threatened by K.G.B that they will expose his past, if he won't disclose military secrets . in flashback shown how a German lieutenant defies the order of bridge explosion while people are still on the bridge . he kills superior for rescue people and hides this .but this is threat factor in the present .finally he chooses another way
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    Your cold-war film could be one with Beau Bridges. I have searched for the title myself having only seen the film once - it was in a B&B I stayed in (in the room for in-house entertainment) and it must have been a B movie as it was one of those given away free with certain Sunday newspapers at the time. Sorry I can't be more help, but if I find the title I'll be back.


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      Is the first one 'Ten Seconds to Hell' (1959)?

      "After 1945, six German ex-soldiers are hired to defuse unexploded Allied bombs in the ruins of Berlin." (IMDb summary)


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        Not 'Ten Seconds to Hell' - this is a post-war film with a crew of Germans employed by the Allied powers to defuse British bombs around Berlin - for the relatively good wages - the film concentrates on the rivalries that develop between the various members of the crew as their luck inevitably, starts to run out.