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Gangster test drugs on cat?

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  • Gangster test drugs on cat?

    Hi! Apologies my first post on here is a find a film question.

    I'm looking for this - shown on British TV late 70's early 80's.
    Gangster type guy (possible leather trench coat, gloves, mirror shades?) goes to a strip club / brothel and scores some drugs. During the visit he comments on a stripper / hooker about wanting to get her too. He then takes the drugs to his sleazy flat and tests them on his cat who literally goes up the wall. That's it. Probably an American film early / mid 70's. Any help appreciated!

    Just for interest my favourite Brit films are Deep End and Deadly Strangers.

    I'll try and help others where I can.

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    Deep End - good choice! ;)