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Rehab-based movie?

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  • Rehab-based movie?

    Hello, first time in many years, I was a member of the old forums.

    I'm a member of another forum, and a guy there asked this question. Anyone reckon they could help?

    British film late 50's, 60's or early 70's, a comedy, in the vein of Ealing or Carry On, has a bunch of people in alcoholic rehab who get sabotaged by having a pub more or less on the doorstep. not necessarily the entire theme of the movie, may be just a part of it.

    thanks and sorry for the crap question[/quote]

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    Although it doesn't entirely match your description, might it be [I]Time Gentlemen Please![/I] where a character has to return from the pub to an Almshouse by 9pm each night?


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      That's a good one! I'll pass it on and see if it's correct or not.


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        Didn't got the question? :rolleyes: