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Probably an Italian film.

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  • Probably an Italian film.

    I watched this film probably about 40 years ago on one of those BBC2 foreign film series. It was about a young man, probably in his late teens who was dong all the usual coming of age stuff including hanging out with a bunch of anarchists. Possibly set in the late 19th century, it ended with an assassination attempt on some official which was going horribly wrong. All the other co assassins had fluffed their attempts to kill their target and the main protagonist was the last one to attempt the killing. The film ends with the young man poised to make a decision to kill their target but being really uncertain as to whether he should or not.

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    The Conformist (directed by Bernardo Bertolucci) ?:


    This was shown as part of BBC2's Film International season on Saturday 29th January 1977.
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      Excellent. Thanks Cornershop. Hell's teeth , 1977! I remember that it was visually beautiful so Bertolucci makes sense. How do you check when a film was last on TV? I'd like to check when Adalen 31 was last on the box.


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        Good morning, Eggandchips. You should team up with Fresh Lettuce (ex-member of

        It would have been easier to try my luck at BBC's Genome but I am now so addicted to the newspaper archives that it's become force of habit. All I did was type in the keywords "film international", remembering the halcyon days when British TV really was 'diverse', and hope to find some examples of the foreign films BBC2 would often show (at the end of the 1970s in this case). Most of the results emphasised International sports programmes. Miraculously, the very first Film International result turned out to be the right one.

        I can also help with 'Adalen 31' - 8th June 1979 on BBC1. Those were the days! The Express's brief summary makes me wonder if I saw part of this film, by 'Elvira Madigan' director Bo Widerberg. Did one of the two young men's "amorous experiences" include an outdoor romp with a beautiful blonde, perhaps in a farm?


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          Not sure about the outdoors. Certainly a rustic farmhouse type building involved with a bit of exploitative hypnosis going on...


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            It's available in full on YouTube btw.