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Not a film, But please help me solve this t.v program/mini series mystery

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  • Not a film, But please help me solve this t.v program/mini series mystery

    Hey everyone, please help me. For as long as i can remember i have tried to no avail to identify this t.v program. I am 34 years old and i believe this program/mini series was shown during the 90's so my young teenage self recollects bits and pieces very vividly so i will give as much info as i can remember.

    It was a investigation drama and was gritty

    I'm not sure what area of England it was set all though the type of area was some kind of estate type setting (explained futher down)

    The central characters were a male and a female in their older teens/early 20s possibly.

    they both lived i believe in a high rise flat and i think it was the lad who lived above the lass and they would comunicate to each other through a hole in the floor/celing (this becomes a sub plot as the girls dad/mum discovers this hole and it becomes a huge issue of misunderstanding believing the lad to be spying on his daughter etc

    The two characters are either investigative journalists or independant investigators, i am fairly sure the plot revolved around a murder or something to that effect. I do remember the suspect was a bit of a hard man and had vicious dogs.

    I firmly believe this was definetely a 90s mini series of some type i only ever saw i think 2 episodes, i would of beeen probs between 13-15 or so when i saw this.

    i have tried to google all the relivent info but alas to no degree of success. Is this a drama show that was short lived or a mini series that is lost to the ages?

    please if anyone can shed some light on this i would be extremely greatful as this has now become a long unsolved mystery

    many thanks

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    Could it be a slightly mangled version of 'The Ghostbusters of East Finchley', which had two episodes in 1995? I member it being a comedy drama about a junior civil servant out to track down income tax fraud, played by Paul Reynolds and Catherine Holman as his sort of girlfiend. A pretty high powered cast of supporting actors even at the time, including Ray Winstone. I seem to remember that one tough character had a secret side, where he liked to dress up as a baby, and paid a woman to change him....


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      Good God , if this is the program then im indebted to you. I was a young teen when i saw this so my memory may be skewed. Thankyou ever so much ill see if i can find some footage.


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        I worked on 'The Ghost Busters of East Finchley'! - seem to remember more than two eps - six? Half hours and no murders - Ray Winstone was the one that liked to be dressed as a baby, Jan Francis was his girlfriend who he liked to dress up as a nurse!

        Was quite fun, but didn't do very well - I don't remember the hole in the floor, but it was ages ago!