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Animated short film about a plasticine man who finds love

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  • Animated short film about a plasticine man who finds love

    I remember seeing a short animated film about seven years ago where a little plasticine man comes alive at night in an animators studio and finds love. However, there is a problem in that he doesn't have a willy so makes one out of plasticine. Later, when he is in bed with his plasticine girlfriend he makes her some 'larger' plasticine boobs. She is not impressed!

    It is a very cleverly made piece of animation. Utterly charming, and very funny.

    I think I might have watched it via YouTube. It would be great to find it again.

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    Morph? By Aardman animation

    I never saw an “adult” version though

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      Sounds more like Bob Godfrey territory but I never saw him work with plasticine etc ; just straight animation...


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        Neither of these, but thank you both for replying.

        The film is set on the desktop/in the studio of the animator who created the little guy. Both characters are 'flat', rather than being three dimensional, i.e., if you look at them side-on, it looks as if they have been rolled flat.
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          Could it be from an episode of Love Soup?




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            No, not that either.


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              Found it!



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                Thanks for the link - very funny work!