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Can anyone name this 50s/60s British film

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  • Can anyone name this 50s/60s British film

    Can anyone remember the title of a film in which the plot was to con a rural betting shop owner. The gang intersepted and delayed the commentry and results coming in from the course and then placed bets on the winning horse. As ever it all went wrong.
    Someone suggested it was a sub plot from a St. Trinians film.

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    “intersepted”? Oh, you mean intercepted :)

    Any clues like the approximate date, or even the decade? Or some of the people in it? Or maybe who they were like?

    The idea of intercepting the results of horse races reminds me mainly of The Sting (1973) with Robert Redford. But I doubt you’re thinking of that one.

    Oh, you said 50s/60s British so definitely not The Sting



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      'The Galloping Major' (1951)?

      IMDb plot summary:

      "A syndicate is set up by a horse lover to buy a particular racehorse, but they accidentally buy the wrong horse. The horse is useless on the flat, so they decide to enter him as a jumper."

      The racing commentator was Raymond Glendenning ... who also appeared in 'The Belles of St. Trinian's'.
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        This scam is the starting point for the New Zealand film 'Came a Hot Friday' (1985)