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  • Jungle Documentary ID

    Hi I am trying to find the name of a documentary that I watched during the 90's (early-mid) and was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people may remember or know the name.

    I'm pretty sure it was a BBC doc or was shown on BBC. It was about a team of anthropologists in South America?? possibly the Amazon,living with a tribe in the rainforest.
    They then take a boy from the tribe of around 10 yrs old back to England to stay with one of them in his flat.At first the boy enjoyed seeing all the new and wonderful things that modern life had to offer but after a few weeks he became very reclusive and just wanted to sit and watch TV all day.

    After a month or so the boy returned to his tribe but was instantly made to feel an outcast by his family and others and it was mentioned that he had slipped down the heirachy within the tribe.

    That is all I can really remember about this documentary.

    Any help or info on this would be most appreciated ..thanks!