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    not a film but a tv programme from years ago some boys from a Yorkshire mining town like Castleford or Featherstone go train spotting they sneak into an engine shed at a depot and one of the boys is molested by a driver

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    This may be Song of Experience (1986), a BBC Screen Two production.



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        one again but this time for me Brit Movies has come up trumps well done Eurale thanks all I have to do now is find a copy


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          And once again the hackles of this railway pedant are raised through historical and geographical inaccuracies ......

          As the boys wait at the station, a train approaches in the charge of BR Standard 5MT 4-6-0 73081 [I][B]Excalibur[/B][/I]. Only problem is this engine belongs in the south of England, not "oop north".

          Following the age-expiry of LSWR/SR King Arthur class locomotives, which carried names of places and characters associated with the legends of King Arthur, several 73000 series BR Standard 5MTs were transferred to the Southern region to replace them. As a consequence, it was decided to name the engines after a selection of the "retired" SR class N15s. SR/BR (30)736 carried the name [I][B]Excalibur[/B][/I] and that name was subsequently transferred to 73081.

          I frequently wonder whether such historical and/or geographical inaccuracies would be acceptable in the case of motor vehicles and/or aircraft .... ?


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            The anoracs strike again lol