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Please help me find this film...

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  • Please help me find this film...

    I saw this film between 5 and 10 years ago. It may have been recent at that time.. but might be from earlier in the 00's.

    As I recall it was a British soldier trapped inside an empty house. He couldn't escape and once a day a demon type thing would be released from one of the rooms which he had to kill to survive. Towards end he had a flashback or awoke to himself dying on a battlefield. So the house was either purgatory or hell or maybe just a surreal dream when he lost consciousness.

    The film was very basic and low budget but bloody good. I obviously don't remember the actor but he was literally the only character.

    It has been driving me nuts trying to find the title of this film and absolutely no people I know have seen it..

    Many thanks.


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    The Captive (2013) directed by Luke Massey. Also known as Warhouse and Armistice.

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      Euryale, thank you! Armistice is indeed the film!! You have saved my sanity!