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british 60's drama

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  • british 60's drama

    As I recall, a guy was approached by a woman claiming to know him, a fact he completely denied. I seem to remember him travelling to a Northern city where I believe she traced him to. I believe the guy was something to do with films or the theatre but I could be wrong about, can't recall the stars. Hope someone can help with the title despite my vagueness. Many thanks

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    The Reckoning (1970) ???


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      Not The Reckoning, DocRobertPepper but thanks for responding. Hardly believable but your title suggestion triggered something off in my mind and quite suddenly the title I was looking for came to me. Finger of Guilt aka The Intimate Stranger with Richard Basehart. Finger of Guilt/The Reckoning. Yes possibly a vague connection.


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        Glad to be of service in some sort of way