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Gang's HQ is in an Archway

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  • Gang's HQ is in an Archway

    From the distant hazy clouds of my childhood, there was a TV show, or possibly some kind of filmed serial, shown on TV in the early 70s... where a gang of suited thugs (good guys? Bad guys? I don't recall) whose hideout was in the top of a stone arch in a building entrance. They would shin up the sides of the arch to climb into a secret hatch in the keystone.

    It was in black and white and was probably from the 40s or 50s. Probably American, but might not be. I have never seen it again and I have doubted whether I just dreamed it... but you guys might know the answer. I remember I really wanted to have a secret hideout in a building that no-one knew about.

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    Still no takers?


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      No memory of it, sorry... :(


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        I can't quite imagine having a hideout hidden in a keystone— but I guess these half-memories are like dreams.