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Heist movie where they switch the CCTV

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  • Heist movie where they switch the CCTV

    This is probably obvious, but I can't think of the film.

    Heist movie (1970s/80s?), where the robbers switch the live CCTV to a looped film of the empty location, the security guy notices the film shows something coming into view for a split second then disappearing, realises its not live film and they end up getting caught.

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    Bellman and True?

    It started off as a great TV series, which was then was condensed into a film, and then finally remade as a poor Hollywood flick.


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      That definitely sounds like Bellman and True - Bernard Hill, Derek Newark, Ken Bones, Richard Hope. The security guard (played by Andrew Paul) was briefed in advance "if you see anyone with masks, and bags marked 'swag', tell someone". And when the contact feeding the recording of the "clean" scene slipped and the robbery scene was shown for a second before righting itself, the guard was on the point of telling his boss - but he put it down the fatigue and a long night staring at the screen.

      A brilliant film, and even better TV series (which was edited down to make the film). Shame I didn't keep my VHS recording of the TV series, because the film left out several sub-plots.

      Features a memorable car-chase in a Jaguar, which ended up with the driver (played by stuntman Jim Dowdall) trying to squeeze the car between two concrete garages "These weren't here last time I came round this way" - "Well they're here *now*" retorted the boss.

      A nice improvised bomb to allow the hero and the boy (Bernard Hill and Kieran O'Brien) to escape from the robbers and make it onto the plane to Buenas Aires.


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        The switched CCTV also features in TV's The Sweeney, in the Episode Golden Fleece from 1975.
        Dudley Sutton and his gang nick a load of gold, whilst disguised as cleaners, switching the security feed to record empty shots.


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          Managed to get hold of a copy of Bellman and True, good film, don't recall seeing it before, so can't be what I was thinking of.

          Thought it might have been The Anderson Tapes, but saw that the other night on Talking Pictures and it's not that either.

          I will check out the Sweeney episode on the ITV Hub.


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            Watched The Sweeney episode, it was called Golden Boy, Golden Fleece was the episode with Patrick Mower and George Layton playing a couple of Aussie armed robbers.

            I've seen this episode before, it could be what I'm thinking of, although I'm sure either an animal (cat?) or someone's hand/foot comes into view in the looped footage.


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              But in the episode "Golden Fleece" (which I happened to catch recently), the Sweeney don't catch them, they fly off to their next heist.



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                It does sound like Golden Boy with Dudley Sutton, with the heist taking place at the the old British Gas HQ in Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1.

                There is a cut down version of the episode all in 1 minute and 22 seconds on Youtube, one does see the reel to reel video recorder and the security guard's CCTV monitor.
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