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Rags to riches to rags.

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  • Rags to riches to rags.

    This is a British film that I saw years ago, but would love to see it again, if only I could remember the title !. I'm certain that it was from the 40's and was definitely in B&W.
    A family live in a small house, and the husband becomes very rich although I can't remember how. They then buy a large country house, and one of his daughters (I think he has two) enjoys horse riding and society parties. I think one of the daughters gets married to a hooray Henry type of character. When his business collapses he invests in some kind of stock market scheme that does well at first, but then goes downhill, and he loses everything including the big house. His brother tries to help, but he is not wealthy, and marries the daughter of a pub landlady. Any suggestions as to what this could be much appreciated !.

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    [B]The History of Mr. Polly 1949[/B]


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      Thanks for your reply Doc, but it isn't The History of Mr.Polly. Another scene I remember is the main character catching the morning train with this successful businessman. Later in the film, it is this same businessman who recommends to buy shares in a certain company's product, only for them to crash after initially doing well. I think the businessman eventually shoots himself in his study.


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        Think this is They Knew Mr. Knight from 1946 with Mervyn Johns. Can be seen on dailymotion at the moment.



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          That's the one, many thanks Euryale ! - I can sleep at night now !. It was from 1945 and starred Mervyn Johns, Alfred Drayton, Nora Swinburne, and Joan Greenwood. No official DVD release by the looks of it.