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70's film Starts with a aircraft crashing into a man's house , killing his family

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  • 70's film Starts with a aircraft crashing into a man's house , killing his family

    I'm trying to track down the title of a film I saw the beginning of on TV one evening around 40 years ago. I can only recall 2 scenes, The first one is outside a country cottage , a man and his son are going fishing and the man sends his son back to the house to get a net. A light aircraft appears flying low over the fields with some sort of engine trouble and the man sees the aircraft crash into the house and explode in a fire ball , killing his wife and son.
    The 2nd scene is a few weeks after the tragedy, the man realises he under surveillance from 2 men in a Hillman Hunter, and he is seen on phone trying to trace the car's owners.
    Although this is a British film , the main character is American and I was sure it was James Garner, however I must be wrong as I can find no sign of it on IMDB.
    Sorry this is vague, I must of seen it around 1981-83, when I was still in junior school, hence the going to bed before it ended.
    Thanks, Will

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    Could it be Cry of the Innocent (1980) TVMovie, see [URL=""][/URL]? It's on youtube if you want to check.


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      Yes, It is indeed Cry of the Innocent. I've just watched it on Youtube. I was wrong about it staring James Garner, I was right about the Hillman Hunter.
      Thanks you,


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        I'm glad it was the right one, Rod Taylor & James Garner not too difficult to confuse, especially in hindsight. The BBC showed it in 1987 and again in 1989 ([URL=""][/URL]), but I suspect as an NBC US TV Movie it might have been shown on ITV before. If you could tell us your local ITV station (or if not known what city/county you live in), and we might be able to track down the actual date.

        Oh, and WELCOME TO THE SITE!