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Old film with people forced into games

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  • Old film with people forced into games

    Hi everyone!
    Here is what I remember from the movie I am looking for:
    There was a bunch of people, either criminals or kidnapped. Some other people were trying to find them and rescue them I think, while they were being kept at some large facility. In this facility they were forced into games against people trying to kill them. Each time, one person would try to kill the group, in a specific setting. I'll refer to them as "champions" even though I don't think the film did, but can't remember the film reference, they might have called them players (the champions trying to kill the protagonists, not the protagonists). The first one I think had a champion/player on roller skates and a hokey stick swing them into spikes and cages that were scattered about, and got a few of them quickly. Then one of the next champions was an "angel" that I think shot fire, was fire resistant, maybe had a jetpack. One of the last round had an ice ring, and an ice skater champion pushed one of the people into a spike wall.
    I think this was being recorded and watched by an audience, it was a gladiator style event with the champions competing how well they can do.
    I think at the end of the film this place was busted as the people who were looking for the protagonists arrived, though most of the group was dead by then, don't remember who if any survived.

    I do not know if it was a British movie or not, I was a small child and saw this in Russian I think, but it could've been a non Russian movie just as well as most of the movies I saw weren't Russian produced.

    Any help appreciated :)

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    The Running Man (1987) ??


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      Yes! This looks like it!
      Thank you very much, you sir have mad my day, I really wanted to discover which film it was.


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        Directed by Paul Michael Glaser (from Starsky and Hutch), has Mick Fleetwood in it, and the game show host is played by the bloke who was the RAF bloke in Hogans Heros.
        its not even a very good Arnie film, and yet i sort of like it. Tends to pop up on Freeview fairly often. Regard it as a alightly guilty pleasure and it does ok.