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Weird short film of 1969 with Pink Floyd music

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  • Weird short film of 1969 with Pink Floyd music

    I watched this at a screening provided by the Students Union at uni circa 1977. It was a very short film, rather amateur too. At one point a young man, probably in his early 20s at most, is seen climbing some stairs in a tower, to weird swirling music by Pink Floyd. At some point in the film, he is outside in the countryside, having stopped his car to retrieve something from the boot. When he has his head under the boot, down comes the boot cover (or whatever it's called - I don't drive), and somebody decapitates him. Later in the film, whoever decapitated him sews his head back on! This is all seen from the point of view of the victim. Has anybody seen such a weird film, and if so, do they remember its title?

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    It does ring a bell. Can't remember what I was smoking at the time though. ;)
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      I found it. I was a year out - it was 1968, not 1969. My memory is getting terrible in early old age.

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        I have a penchant for 70s-80s Hong Kong action movies. They have a rather Cavalier attitude towards application of appropriate music, and I know I've seen at least one ridiculous fight scene performed to Pink Floyd (possibly Echoes, or something from Dark Side of the Moon) and Oxygene, by Jean-Michel Jarre.