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Red cloud, mountains

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  • Red cloud, mountains

    Following the great help I received last time, I'll try another movie.
    This is a harder one, as I remember watching only the beginning of it.
    The movie was in a small village I think, and there is a mountain or mountains nearby.
    And they have a story (or one of the characters tells another) that when a red cloud was seen, someone was lost in the mountains and never found.
    Then there is a scene where one of the protagonists is in the mountains and sees a red cloud, and there is an implication that they will now be lost.

    This is a bit fuzzy, and I don't remember more details. I think the protagonists had 1 male and 1 female, but maybe more people were involved.

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    Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australia, 1975) ?



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      If it wasn't for the cloud being red, I would say The Trollenberg Terror (1958).


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        Sounds like a story set in the American west.


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          I'll check these, thank you.
          I am relatively confident that the cloud was red, or reddish in colour, but not certain if it was part of the in world description of it.
          I am pretty confident the movie was in colour though.