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What was name of this paranormal docudrama?

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  • What was name of this paranormal docudrama?

    It was an all-Brit production on TV about 30-ish years ago, and was an hour-long play rather than a film, and I have to admit it put the wind up me and a lot more viewers because we didn't know it was just a pre-recorded fictional play, we thought it was live. (Welles's 'War of the Worlds' radio play also spooked people in the same way).
    It was billed in the TV listings as something like "a paranormal investigation" and consisted of several talking head paranormal experts in the studio, and kept cutting to and from a film crew and a front man out at some haunted location.
    It started off pretty ordinarily, but then phenomena began manifesting in front of the film crew and everybody's adrenaline levels (including mine) rocketed and the feed began to break up, and the experts were looking at each other in fear etc etc.
    Later after reading the small print in the TV mags I realised it was a fictional thing and that I'd been well and truly "had" because it was so well done..:)
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    Could it be Ghostwatch? I never saw it myself.


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        Thanks guys, yeah 'Ghostwatch' was the one..:)

        WIKI- "Despite having been recorded weeks in advance, the narrative was presented as live television...
        its documentary style led many viewers to believe the events were real, causing much controversy after the show's airing. The BBC was besieged with 30,000 phone calls from irate and frightened viewers.."

        It certainly suckered me into thinking it was real live terror but I never complained to the Beeb, I simply thought that if anybody in the show had been possessed by demons or whatever, it was their problem not mine..:)
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          In fact if I was a film-maker I'd like to do something along 'Ghostwatch' lines, but call it 'UFO Watch'.
          There'd be the usual talking heads in the studio, but we'd keep cutting out to a film crew and frontwoman in the field on the top of an ancient hill fort site which has been a recent ufo sighting hotspot.
          For the first half of the show, nothing much happens, but then things begin to escalate...

          FRONTWOMAN- "We're seeing funny lights in the sky a long way off.."
          Later- "Theyre coming closer!"
          STUDIO- "We've lost the picture at this end, but keep talking sweetheart"
          FW a bit later (voice only)- "O MY GOD a thing has landed near us"
          And a bit later- "LITTLE MEN ARE COMING OUT OF IT!"
          STUDIO- "Darling, darling, are you alright?"

          The viewing millions then hear this final few seconds and a snow-filled screen, and the credits begin to hurriedly roll-

          PS- is that youtube link displaying okay or have i done something wrong?
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            What would it be called? U.F.Off!:p


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              Originally posted by tv horror View Post
              What would it be called? U.F.Off!:p
              "Commander, tvhorrors humour has penetrated our shields!"
              "Evasive manoeuvre 1 quickly, or we shall not see the stars of home again!"

              PS- the forum seems to be glitching for me, my youtube links and screenshots have stopped displaying correctly (sniffle)
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                An article from the Guardian on how Ghostwatch was made.



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                  I watched Ghostwatch on it's original airing.
                  Initially I thought it was all real, then I remember feeling angry, because I'd been taken for a sucker.