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Two British Films

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  • Two British Films

    Hi all. As my memory continues to fail me on a regular basis, I am struggling to recall the names of two films. On the plus side, I've seen both of these in the last year(!) which means I can remember quite a bit of detail. I'm certain people will recognise both; any help appreciated.

    1) Quite a low key thriller (fairly sure it's black and white and I would say 60s or maybe late 50s) set in a terraced street and starring quite a big name American actor who seemed out of place in it. Perhaps past his best, career wise? A woman is a possible witness to a crime (murder I think) and either she or the murderer were in a phone box. I think all she can remember are the criminal's shoes. He is in fact her next door neighbour and the tension comes from her starting to remember more and more and him appearing to help her but really keeping a close eye on whether she is going to be able to finger him for the crime meaning she will have to be bumped off too. I think his wife is in on it too from memory but may be wrong. There is a small wall between their terraced houses which I recall might be relevant e.g. he jumps over it to escape maybe.

    Hope that's enough, some of that may be wrong .

    2) A recent British film, probably last 5 years, about a young girl working as a chef at a London bar/restaurant. She lives quite a frivolous life and is always going out drinking. One evening she witnesses an armed robbery in a convenience store and stays with the stabbed shop owner for a while. She doesn't believe it has affected her but it has and things start to fall apart for her. She is invited to the stabbed shop owner's flat for dinner and meets his family. She has an on/off relationship with a bouncer at a nightclub she had previously been ejected from. She turns up to work drunk. She sees a psychiatrist to see if witnessing the violent incident has affected her but she gets angry with him/her. Her boss at the restaurant confesses his love for her. She is always ordering takeaways from a local place and sometimes doesn't have enough cash to pay. I think the lead actress has red hair. My fuzzy mind is telling me the film title might be the girl's name.

    Stream of consciousness description there but I'm sure that is plenty to go at.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just got the second one - "Daphne".

    Writing all that out helped me with some new search terms. Just need the first one now. Thanks.


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      Do You Know This Voice? (1964), starring Dan Duryea. It might be that.



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        It definitely is "Do You Know This Voice?"

        Thanks a lot for that, much appreciated.