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  • TV thriller with Hywel Bennet

    Just thought of something else. The story involved a man being shot. There was a twist because the bullet had come from a hunter's gun and it was not a murder but an accident. I seem to recall an older man who wore glasses tinkering about in the shed. This man may have been Welsh actor Hywel Bennett. I don't think it was a film . . . I think it was a play of the month or something. I suppose you might label it a thriller or whodunnit. Any ideas?

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    Could be something like an episode of Tales of the Unexpected or something?


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      Try Rough Shoot (1953) with Joel McCrea as a tourist on a shoot who accidentally shoots someone who he thinks is a poacher who turns out to part of a gang of spies.
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        Originally posted by Zulu View Post
        This man may have been Welsh actor Hywel Bennett.

        Hello again. I remember you asking about this at the old forum (Hywel Bennett maybe?) and did spend a lot of time trying various searches without making any breakthrough. Five years later, I'm still struggling. Keywords like 'shed', bullet' and 'ricochet' were no help at all, but I think I've learned enough about the much-missed Hywel's TV career to rule him out as the star of this production and trust that his IMDb filmography is complete.

        An anthology thriller series like Tales from the Unexpected does seem our best hope. I'd love to report back saying I've found it on YouTube, or even my DVD collection of unseen episodes.
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          Originally posted by cornershop15 View Post
          Hello again. I remember you asking about this at the old forum . . .
          Yes, I was a member of the old forum and did indeed inquire about this years ago. Unfortunately it still eludes me. It's the one title that I haven't been able to nail. I love stories with a twist at the end and this one was a real surprise. Films like The Third Alibi, The Snorkel, and Three Cases of Murder, which members of this forum helped me locate, are a thrilling watch and the twist at the end often comes as quite a shock. A few days ago I watched The Vanishing aka Spoorloos(1988) and found the ending terrifying. It came out of left field and left me shell-shocked. Would love to find some other movies in this vein that build tension throughout and then hit you for six at the end. Any ideas?