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Tusitala 1986

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  • Tusitala 1986

    Tusitala is a 1986 3-part TV series made in UK/Australia/ Western Samoa, detailing R L Stevensons last years. It may be known as "Rebel of the South Seas" in the UK. No DVD/VHS is available at the ABC shop. Was it ever released on DVD/VHS in the UK . Probably by the BBC, if so.

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    I think I have seen some of this.

    With John McEnery[?] sitting around looking very anaemic. And did Paul Gaugin make an appearance? I have forgotten.


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      Paul Gaugin spent his time in the Marquesas islands. Still an outpost even in French Polynesia. RLS lived in Western Samoa when it was still under German control. (They changed to RH drive in 2009!) RL's house is now occupied by the Preident. I've climed Mt Via, and visited the grave. Not much to see now.


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        I've been trying to track this down for some time, with no luck.