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Assassin (1973)

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  • Assassin (1973)

    I saw this on TV back in the 1970s & have been searching for it for years.
    It stars Ian Hendry and has one of my favourite actresses, verna Harvey, in an early film role.


    Does anyone out there have it please?

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    Neil Hendry (Ian's nephew) and i have written to Peter Crane about this film several times requesting a copy but Mr Crane doesn't seem to want to make the film available anymore. A shame because I think it's now the only film of Ian's 35 movies (including everything he appeared in) that i haven't seen. And he had the leading role. This film was shot very soon after the death of his wife, Janet Munro. A shame we can't see it. Photographer Martyn Chillmaid told me some hilarious stories about filming. they're all in my biography of Ian, Send in the Clowns.


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      I'm told the BFI hold either the negative or a print of Assassin, which I'd love to see again, too. I suppose there's an outside chance they might have a viewing copy available


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        Pemini seemed to be one of the few British companies making full length supporting movies in the 1970s.

        Assassin was the support film for The Adventures of Barry MacKenzie

        All three Pemini films seem to be out of circulation - I would particularly like to see MOMENTS, starring Keith Michell, again ...