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She Didn't Say No! - 1958

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  • She Didn't Say No! - 1958

    "She Didn't Say No!" - 1958 also released as 'We are Seven' in Australia.

    Recently restored and shown at a couple of festivals, but no plans for a commercial release - it may end up being a colour version of "Alive and Kicking" but I would like to see it if there is a copy out there.
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    I thought that Network would have released that on DVD by now, with it being an ABPC picture, but apparently, they haven't.


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      I'm nagging Network - I've spoken to one of the actors in the film and they would be quite keen to see it too.

      I suppose it's just a matter of raising the profile - this is quite an important film.


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        Don't need this now - I've been shown the film.

        I'm going to have to wait a bit before I can express myself fully - but this is a truly magnificent film - it is like the super-intelligent aliens landed at ABPC, made a film, and slipped away. I don't know if it is the cast, the location filming, the script or the original story - but this works - bloody brilliant - unique - honest - wonderful - magic.


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          I've never seen it myself, although I remember it being shown at my local ABC and it being in ABC Film Review back in 1958.
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            The film is a real surprise - you expect the film to descend into pathos at any moment - but it never does - the whole thing is light and entertaining. No musical interludes - no slapstick - just straight entertainment from top rate character actors.