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An Alternative Xmas nativity

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  • An Alternative Xmas nativity

    ( I have re registered. Same forum name, for those whom remember me )

    ok what it is I am trying to find / remember
    was shown just before Xmas 1985/6 ?
    sure it was a BBC production, a nativity story
    set in modern times with gritty characters,
    only one that i really remember was a glue sniffing
    character nick named “Sticky” !
    in one scene in his mind a large crowd was chanting “sticky! sticky! “ before he was going to perform a stunt of going down a high children’s slide on a scooter, when he suddenly realised
    in fact he is alone and it’s late evening.

    My memory is fading

    kind regards
    Last edited by Lionheart; 16th November 2017, 11:30 PM.