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Josser joins the navy 1932

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  • Josser joins the navy 1932

    Carrying on my decades searching trying to locate the Ernie Lotinga JOSSER JOINS THE NAVY. Some of you may recall me posting years ago on the other Britmovie for the film for my late father, unfortunately I never found it before he went to the projection box in the sky but I would like to still complete my search. He used to project these 1930's films and had a great love of the popular Josser series.

    It was really nice to see Josser in the Army get a DVD release but even that came too late sorry to say although we do enjoy that title very much.

    Any help would be most welcome re JOSSER JOINS THE NAVY.
    With thanks.

  • #2
    I don't have it.Why don't you check with the BFI if they have a viewing copy.If they are you could arrange to go to the viewing department to watch it.The only way you are likely to get to see it.


    • #3
      Hi. Yes think I will have to script a note to them.


      • #4
        You don't have to write these days. You can just search.


        to confirm they have the original negative.



        • #5
          Its not the original negative,its a viewing copy you need to know about.Contact Kathleen Dickinson of the viewing servicex


          • #6
            Thank you all. :)