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Great Catherine (1968)

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  • Great Catherine (1968)

    Is 'Great Catherine' available anywhere? Some slightly longer clips have turned up on YouTube recently.

  • #2
    Anthony, it looks like you can get a copy from Robert's hard to find videos. Unfortunately he's quite expensive, and the quality isn't always that good, but you could take a chance if you can't find it elsewhere.


    • #3
      Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not too happy with Robert at the moment - I appreciate some of his ultra rare stuff - but as you say, quality is not his priority - I bought two episode of a TV series off him - but his original was only one and a half episode due to a transfer error - after complaining twice - and being set another copy of the faulty disc - twice - I gave up and chalked it down to experience.


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        I will check around and let you know if I get lucky


        • #5
          Always thought this was a strange hybrid of a film neither fish nor fowl but it does seem to have disappaered off of the radar , strange


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            I can help with this one.