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Ancient Monuments 1 & 2 (Public Information Films about British Castles and Abbeys)

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      [QUOTE=Butterslybutts;n69833]Howdy, Tellingbone! (I still use that phrase and 'electrickery'!) What can I do to scrounge a decent copy of Bulong & Bola from your grasp? I think the YouTube one is fairly poor? Very best regards, Glenn B[/QUOTE]

      Glenn! I am so sorry I missed your reply to my post. I've been quite unwell since January so have had very limited time on tinterweb of things! Did you manage to obtain a decent copy of Bulong and Bola? Since being released from hospital, so far I haven't been able to find the discs from the most recent batch of test films I bought from the old BPVL site several years ago. I am puzzled as to where they might be so will keep looking now I'm back with the living!

      Best regards TB