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White Corridors (1951)

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  • White Corridors (1951)

    I read about two versions of White Corridors.
    Does anybody have the long Version of 102 min on DVD? I`m searching for it.
    I only have the DVD with a runtime of 95 min but not the uncut Version.

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    You asked this in [URL=""]Ask a Film Question, [/URL]I replied in there saying:

    [quote]The IMDb only lists one version of White Corridors (see [url][/url]) and that is listed as having a run time of 102 minutes[/quote]

    I don't see any details of any DVD being released commercially so it would have to be a home-made DVD



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      Yeah, this is only a home made DVD.

      I read in the old British film Forum, that the BBC cut ten minutes from it. I only have the short Version.
      Did anybody have the long Version?


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        If you DVD with a runtime of 95 minutes was from the BBC screening, it clearly has not had 10 minutes hopped off, has it?. With PAL speedup, a 102 minute film would be expected to run 98 minutes though which sugests 3 minutes have been cut. The BBFC states that the 102 minute version was a cut version.