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The Monitors (1969)

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  • The Monitors (1969)

    Might anyone have a decent copy of The Monitors on DVD-R? I know there's a pretty clean upload on YouTube of this film, but I'd like something of similar quality that hasn't undergone YT compression. Why on earth this hasn't been commercially released is beyond me, it's a tidy little sci-fi gem in my opinion, and one that would surely have mass-appeal with both the left and right given the current political climate. Let me know if you can help, I have stuff to trade or can pay.


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    Sounds like something we'd enjoy, Coleridge. We found an IMDB reference to it being available on Netflix but it doesn't show up on their streaming service. Bah!


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      [QUOTE=Coleridge;n63887] similar quality that hasn't[B] undergone YT compression[/B].



      Can anyone explain what this means?

      As the YT one is very good quality so I am a bit confused!!


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        The YT video is 210 MB and poor quality, the VIDEO_TS file (DVD-R) contains all the data from the original DVD, is 3 GB and far superior to the YT video as it hasn't been compressed, think that's what Coleridge means.


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          Just to clarify, the version on YouTube is perfectly watchable on your PC, in fact it's rather good quality considering it has never been comercially released, however, once you download it from YouTube and play it on a TV screen larger than say 26" it starts to deteriorate, and on a screen the size of mine, it looks poor. Villefort is indeed right, a proper DVD-R copy would weigh in around 3gb and be of far better image integrity.


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            Cheers to you both for that.:)


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              As the YT one is very good quality so I am a bit confused!![/QUOTE]

              Fuzzy 360p "good quality"? :eek: