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    Hello Mike,

    The best of luck with your book. Sorry you're having such a frustrating time waiting for it to be published.

    I like to ''re-enact' past viewings of films - same day of the week, a similar time of day, In the case of 'Where the Spies Are' it was a Monday afternoon. I'll give it a try next week but weekday afternoons are difficult with my TV and radio commitments.

    One film I have managed to watch since we posted is 'Subterfuge' - a 1960s British spy movie, no less! This is an LQ copy uploaded to YouTube only last week (New Years Day, in fact). A good leading lady role for Joan Collins and Suzanna Leigh playing a villainess again! Is it included in your book?

    I preferred my Christmas viewing of 'Ryan's Daughter', to be honest.


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      My apologies, I put this information in the wrong area. Sorry about that.


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          Good to hear from you, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your posting. The film Subterfuge got right past me and I have to be honest and say that I’ve never actually seen this movie and I did not include in the book. Although as an enthusiast of sixties spy movies I do need to check this out.

          Originally I planned to go into great detail about 60 films, though eventually as the years went by I settled for 50.


          01 DR NO (1st James Bond film)

          02 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (2nd James Bond film)

          03 HOT ENOUGH FOR JUNE

          04 TO TRAP A SPY (1st The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          05 GOLDFINGER (3rd James Bond film)

          06 CARRY ON SPYING

          07 MASQUERADE

          08 THE SPY WITH MY FACE (2nd The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          09 THE IPCRESS FILE (1st Harry Palmer film)


          11 WHERE THE SPIES ARE


          13 THUNDERBALL (4th James Bond film)

          14 OUR MAN FLINT (1st Derek Flint film)

          15 THE LIQUIDATOR

          16 ARABESQUE


          18 THE SILENCERS: (1st Matt Helm film)

          19 MODESTY BLAISE

          20 ONE SPY TOO MANY (3rd The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          21 ONE OF OUR SPIES IS MISSING (4th The Man from UNCLE film)

          22 THE DEADLY AFFAIR

          23 FUNERAL IN BERLIN (2nd Harry Palmer film)

          24 THE DOUBLE MAN



          27 DEADLIER THAN THE MALE (1st Bulldog Drummond film)


          29 IN LIKE FLINT (2nd Derek Flint film)


          31 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (5th James Bond film)

          32 MURDERERS’ ROW (2nd Matt Helm film)

          33 THE NAKED RUNNER

          34 THE SPY IN THE GREEN HAT (5th The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)


          36 ASSIGNMENT K

          37 BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN (3rd Harry Palmer film)

          38 THE KARATE KILLERS (6th The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          39 A DANDY IN ASPIC

          40 DANGER ROUTE

          41 THE AMBUSHERS (3rd Matt Helm film)

          42 ICE STATION ZEBRA

          43 THE HELICOPTER SPIES (7th The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          44 HAMMERHEAD

          45 HOW TO STEAL THE WORLD (8th The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film)

          46 OTLEY

          47 SOME GIRLS DO: (2nd Bulldog Drummond film)

          48 THE WRECKING CREW (4th Matt Helm film)

          49 THE CHAIRMAN

          50 ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (6th James Bond film)

          I have a publisher interested in this, but only days after they accepted it back in February 2020 the dreaded Covid 19 situation arrived and so they feel that it would not be financially viable to publish it until something resembling normality returns.


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            Well done, looking forward to reading a copy.

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          I only found your post last night, Mikey (been 'away'/unwell the last few weeks) so my turn to apologise for the delayed response.

          A few favourites in your final list of 50. My Top 10, of those I've seen, would definitely include the first three Bond and Harry Palmer films, 'Arabesque', 'The Quiller Memorandum', 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' and 'The Deadly Affair'. As you know, the last two were originally written by the recently late John le Carré. You didn't include his 'Looking Glass War', which I hope to watch again soon on DVD.

          But not before that Filmboards copy of 'Where the Spies Are' (still trying to find the right moment for that one). They also have 'Otley' and 'Masquerade'. Unfortunately, both have a Spanish soundtrack so I won't bother. The upload of 'The Double Man' looks good though and I can't wait to see it. Remember what I said about "recreating" earlier viewings? The transmission I remember was in 1984, on a Wednesday evening. Much better time than a weekday afternoon. I might even see it tomorrow!

          Back on topic:


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            Mikey - I thought you’d be all over Subterfuge after our visit to Caldecote Towers a few years ago ;)


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              Thanks for coming back. Originally I was looking at covering 60 sixties spy movies, but as time went on and the years passed I cut it back to 50 and The Looking Glass War, like The Executioner with George Peppard was filmed in the sixties, but not released until 1970 and on those grounds I did not include it. At one time, Masquerade was on You Tube and Otley was/is available on Blu-ray. I’m not certain that you’ll get the same buzz from watching Where the Spies Are as you did many years ago, I have tried this with TV series and usually I find that both time and I have moved on and its almost impossible to recreate the surroundings, but best of luck with that and I hope you enjoy it. Francoise Dorleac and David Niven are very good as well as Nigel Davenport as the experienced British spy with the broad Yorkshire accent. The film featured location filming in The Lebanon and Niven’s big secret of the time was that he had worked in Israel and both he and director Val Guest feared that if this became common knowledge that the authorities would ban them from filming in The Lebanon.


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                Great to hear from you mate. Subterfuge is a sixties spy movie that got right past me, I have never actually seen this, but from your comments about Caldicote Towers, I assume that some location filming took place there for this. The fact that Gene Barry is the leading man probably had something to do with this, as his antics on The Adventurer appear to have put me off watching anything he appears in. I must give Subterfuge a watch.

                Yes, the trip to Caldicote Towers with stunt co-ordinator/stunt man Paul Weston was memorable, “That’s the balcony I fell off over there,” he said referring to The Avengers episode They Keep Killing Steed. Hopefully at some point we’ll be able to wander around Avengerland again, plus I was looking forward to Rick organizing more ITC events at Elstree Studios, but that seems a long way off at the moment.


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                  Yes, Gene Barry has the same affect on me too :) If you’ve still got the sheet from our visit to Immanuel College I think we included a picture from Subterfuge although the picture quality wasn’t great. Apart from Immanuel, the film also has a bit of filming in Central London and Burnham Beeches. I’ll email you about it ;) Not sure when Avengerland will be open for business again but it’s looking highly unlikely that it will be on the nominated date.


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                    Mikey I've just arrived to your post from deepest Russia, looking at your list I might consider changing my avatar to Tv spy. I have watched a great majority of the list and must confess a softness for From Russia With Love possibly the best Bond of them all! Yes I'm also a big Uncle fan and still have my badge (number 6) from childhood and even wore it to all these films, which usually ended with a dustup, there was always some (spy) kid who wanted my badge. :D Good luck on the book and please let us know when the wheels get moving, all the best, Channel D over and out.
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                      TV Horror

                      Sorry mate, I hadn't check back here for sometime. Thanks for your well wishes with the 60s Spy Films project. I'll update on here as events hopefully happen and like everyone else I'm hoping that the Covid restrictions are lifted sooner rather than later and this convinces the publisher to get the book out there.

                      Hopefully I have managed to get in-depth chapters on both the Bond and U.N.C.L.E. movies and come up with quite a bit of previously unknown information.


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                        After all that digging into the research like a "Mole" I wish you well Mikey