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Armchair Theatre : 'The Pier' 1957

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  • Armchair Theatre : 'The Pier' 1957

    Can any kind member point me toward a copy of a 1957 Armchair Theatre episode entitled 'The Pier'. An old, and now sadly deceased friend had a bit part and I would love to see this. I had hoped that it might have been part of the Network slate of ABC releases but it would seem not. Has it been wiped or is it out there somewhere...?

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    Remember videotape was not introduced in the UK until 1958, so a 1957 play would have beem broadcast live..

    Exceptionally, plays were kinescoped to 16mm film but only if they had export potential, or deemed worthy of a permanent record (such as George Orwell's 1984 for the BBC)
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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I didn't know that videotape wasn't introduced until 1958, so it looks as though this particular production may well be lost. Also leading man Kenneth Griffith probably not a big enough 'name' to warrant kinescoping..... Disappointing.


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        Junked, I’m afraid.

        [B]6-10-57: THE PIER by James Forsyth, directed by Peter Zasek[/B]
        [I]Trina makes a date to meet five different Teddy Boys at the end of a pier at a seaside town. Then she sits hidden in a rowing boat and waits for the brawl that follows. What is it that has made Trina a Teddy Girl – and what causes the cult of the Teddy Boys?[/I]

        For what it’s worth, the earliest surviving ARMCHAIR THEATRE is from a month before, while the next is seven weeks down the line.