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Orson Welles with Great Mysteries.

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  • Orson Welles with Great Mysteries.

    When i was looking at the series 'Tales of the unexpected' i got the idea that i was missing episodes.
    But the series was 72 episodes. Was i mistaken ? It was so long ago that this could happen. But in a
    few minutes i remembered that it could be a series with Orson Welles. And yes it was called Orson Welles' Great mysteries'.
    But i can't find the full series of it. I wonder if you could help me out because this series
    means a lot to me. When the series begins you see Orson Welles in a black cape and a sigar.

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    Yes IMDB has it listed as 'Great Mysteries ' which may have been the US title?


    But most of us know it as 'Orson Welles Great Mysteries'
    Your memory is not playing tricks it was indeed similar to 'Night Gallery' with Orson introducing some peculiar,odd and scary tales.

    AFAIK not been seen since, however unlike Night Gallery shot on film, OWGM was shot on videotape and there always seems to be some long winded process before VT shows get a release or second showing.


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      Does anyone know where I may get a copy of Orson Welles Great or Grand Mysteries? I have been trying to for ages. Can not find it on YT or any streaming sites and it is not accessable to download. I enjoyed this Brit set series by the master storyteller when I saw it many years ago.


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        Check the Also Know As (AKA) section on the IMDb page about it, that says that it's also known as Orson Wells' Great Mysteries

        Although as it's listed as primarily a U.K. series they should list it primarily under its UK title.

        Try making a submission to request that it be changed.



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          This might be of interest: [url][/url]


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            Me as a newbie doesn't understand the admin's comment. Can anyone activate this link ?


            Can somebody explain how this works ? It says watch
            Orson Welles Great Mysteries online. And that would be most welcome !

            Does anyone have connections to ITV Anglia movievault ?


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              [QUOTE=Reel Haspel;n38998]Me as a newbie doesn't understand the admin's comment. Can anyone activate this link ?


              Can somebody explain how this works ?
              it isn't a matter of an admin "activating" it. In this new forum, some URL links and some Quotation links in some threads work as expected but others, in other threads, just don't work and nobody can see any differences between the way they're set up. It's a mystery



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                It's s likely to be on Network's radar, but anthology series are a nightmare of residual rights.

                A German company has released ten episodes, but without the English soundtracks...



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                  Yes i found them: [URL=""]
                  And a lot of british material too ![/URL]
                  Orson Welles erzählt (Orson Welles' Great Mysteries): 10 Folgen der Mysteryserie mit Orson Welles, Joan Collins, Patrick Macnee und Charles Gray ...